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Terms of Service & Privacy Policy
(1) My virtual 3d or any staff and or service we provide, will not share any personal information we have gathered from you or you have given to us, to any 3rd parties, that includes anyone outside our company, we use the information only to provide you with the service and to improve our service, we respect you and your privacy.

(2) By signing up and using our services you agree to the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy, and you agree that we may store cookies on your computer that are part of the running of the service, for example your login details, so that it remembers your login when you visit our site.

(3) Spam, we do not support or condone spam, and we will never share your email or use it for spam purposes.

(4) Rules and guidelines, please be aware that you will be connecting to other peoples servers, so you must respect there rules and what they find is acceptable behaviour, you may get banned from there server by there admins, if you have any doubt simply run your own server, however if you find the owner of a server is braking the Terms of Service, please report them.

(5) Running your own public servers, you must display on your listing what the server is about, this means if you plan to troll, have rape scenarios, or any harm to people connecting in a role playing method, you must state this in your server listing description, your account could get suspended if you don't follow this rule.

(7) You must abide by and not brake any country laws or regulations, doing so will immediately have your account suspended.

(8) Running your own private servers, you must inform anyone that connects privately to your server your intentions, so that they are not taken by surprise what you have planed for them.

(9) We have the right to terminate and or ban your account at any time without notice, but may get warnings if you:
a. Are abusive and or threatening to any of our staff and or other users that use this service, without there consent.
b. You are abusing the servers, hacking, or causing trouble for people and making there experience of the game miserable, this includes trolling, unless your engaged in a role play where this is part of the game play and that all parties involved are also role playing with you, and that it is accepted and agreed by the people your doing it to.

In short be human and be kind and respectful to people and there properties.

We want your experience to be fun and care free, will little hassle and a friendly environment to play in, we will do our best to encourage that, and will take steps to enforce this, and where necessary remove the bad people.

(10) My Virtual 3D, LeopardX or any staff or associations with My Virtual 3D are not held responsible for any damages caused by using our services or software, this includes harm to your self ether mentally or physical.

(11) We will update our terms of service and privacy policy, and if and when we do, you will be informed and its your responsibility to read and understand it, when the information is updated, you agree to it by continuing to use our services that we provide.

If you have any questions regarding this terms of service, please don't hesitate to use the contact form to contact us.

Last updated on: 19-April-2019 Protection Status © 2020 Inbound Dreams, All rights reserved.