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My Virtual 3D are free virtual 3D chat/game worlds hosted by users like you and by My Virtual 3D, where they can have there own worlds to manage and control, and allow other people to connect to them.

We are a brand new virtual world service, and we develop our own software.  So if you love new virtual worlds to try this may be something you will like.

My Virtual 3D was inspired by OpenSimulator, I wanted to make the ability for users to freely run there own servers, with the added bonus that people and worlds are connected to a central database list, which makes it a lot easier to find places and people to hang out with, and communicate with, we want the whole thing to be connected as much as possible, with good people searching with interests, hobbies location and age and another things, to events and hang out chat places, later even worlds that are single level compleate game worlds.

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube to be kept up to date on updates and latest news, and to support this project by showing your interest, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

We are in closed Alpha stage at the moment, its very early stage of development.

To join the Inbound Dreams community where you will be able to get up to date news and chat about My Virtual 3D pop by out Discord server  Inbound Dreams

27 - March - 2019
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