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My Virtual 3D News

Release v1.0 The new Windows Installer & Updater has been released, download it from your accounts page, It will update it in the future to work with Linux.

News on what the next update will contain.

Local voice chat will be available improvements will be done in a future update.

Game settings various settings for you to set and use.

New weather system I'll be investing some cash to buy and implement a new night day sky weather system, which will be be in sync to all players, there will be controls available to server owners to customize sky and weather.

New game launcher which will also be in the next update along with the other new stuff mentioned, will include latest news, auto updating and downloading of game content, and a section to run and configure a server, please feel free to suggest anything you might want and what you think of the game as it progresses it helps me to get constructive feedback and ideas! The .NET Framework I am using is 4x, this is because Windows 10 comes with .NET 4x already installed, thus those users wont need any additional setups, however Windows 7 comes with .NET 3x and thus will need a separate .NET 4 Framework to be installed.

New Game Launcher

My Virtual 3D 0.1.4 is now available.
This minor update contains:

Avatar customization can now be done in game, its now ready me to creating new clothes and attachments for the avatars which will be included in a future update.

Bug fix: You were not able to see other people's avatars sometimes, this is now fixed.
Bug fix: Music would play when running a server.
Bug fix: Female avatar shirt would disappear when you walked up close. Protection Status © 2020 Inbound Dreams, All rights reserved.