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As of 25-Oct-2021 work is continuing on My Virtual 3D, I took a long break from working on it!
The idea

My Virtual 3D will focus on brining communities and people together, since the environment of the worlds wont be streamed to you at first, they can look much better than other 3d virtual worlds, not to mention the ability to host your own worlds at no cost, were using Unity3D for its game engine, work will be done in stages, and we are committed long term to this project, regardless if it becomes a success or not, work and progress will always be done on it.

There will be a selection of premade worlds to choose from (As of now there is only the island world), and the ability to build in them, assign areas of the world to certain people and manage the servers, also later we will be releasing game worlds, which are basically complete multi player games.

There will also be an instant massager application for Windows, which will allow you to keep in touch with your virtual friends outside of the game client, and the ability to start and host a world and invite your friends to join.

Servers and hosted worlds can appear on a central database, so that other people can see you then connect to your server.

What dose it do right now?

Run a dedicated server of the world "The Island".
Connect to any public game world.
Choose from male or female avatars.
Build in world using pre made objects.
Apply preset textures on the objects you build.
Message in public chat in world.
MP3 radio and DJ streaming in world.
Web images can be loaded in on to objects.
Objects can have links on them to make them click-able and go to a website.
Server admin control, with user rights/permissions and ban lists.

Right now you are able to run dedicated servers of the world "The Island", this can be shown on the public list, to allow an open sandbox free for all experience, in world public text messages are working so you can chat in public on the sim, and the ability to build with some objects and textures, all this will be expanded and improved on in the future, we plan to allow you to host words, so that you can just host a server as you enter it, then allow just your friends to join you.. You are able to choose from two avatars, male and female, character customization will come later down the road.

There are other great plans we have, but we will release those notes when work actually happens on them down the road, but for now the focus is on the basics of the sim and world and users.

What devices dose/will it support?
During the alpha and probably beta stage it will only be supported on Microsoft Windows 64 bit, but depending on the demand will hurry up development so that we will make the viewer cross platform to Macintosh and Linux users, and even later to oculus rift and other VR headsets and mobile devices, this may change as we see the demand for such devices.

27 - March - 2019
My virtual 3d - Island sky water trees

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