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Game Avatar Controls

Move your Avatar with the WASD keys, to run hold down shift key while pressing the WASD keys.
Press Escape key to toggle Avatar control and mouse.

Press the build icon at the bottom left of the screen to open the build panel.

Click Create Mode and select the object type that you wish to spawn, then left click anywhere in the world to spawn that object.

To Edit the object switch to Edit Mode, then click on the object you wish to edit.

To move the object eather enter its xyz coordinates or use the built in gizmos to position, rotate and scale via the mouse.

To switch edit modes press 1 for position, 2 for rotation and 3 keys for scale.

Running your own server.
Running your own server is easy follow these steps:

Run MV3D Server Launcher and login with your account information.

If this the first time you have done this, click create new server identity, if not then select your identity from the drop down menu.

Enter the details for your server don't worry you can change the title, description and rating at any time, then click create.

Now all you do is click start server, then your server will run and be listed so people can connect.

Firewall and router
Please note you need to add the server to your firewall and open the port you choose on your router, if your not sure how to do this, i recommend searching "how to add an application to windows firewall" and for your router "How to use port forwarding on x" where x is, is the make of your router, if your really stuck send me an message and ill try to help you.
DJ and radio streaming in world.
Radio streaming needs direct server links to the streams, not all stream services will work, but there is and that have been tested to work, with somafm you go to the stream on there website and click direct stream links, then look for the MP3 direct server link, then in My Virtual 3D paste and set the link in the sound panel.

DJ streams have been tested to work on IceCast and Sam Broadcaster, follow these steps to get it up and running.

1) Download IceCast here and get hold of a copy of Sam Broadcaster or other free streaming apps.
2) Edit the IceCast config file and change the usernames and passwords for your stream server, anything will do, save the changes then run the IceCast console located in where IceCast was installed, then you have setup the server part.
3) Load your streaming software, i will assume Sam Broadcaster here, click to go to desktop 2, and add a new encoder MP3 normal, click on server details, and select IceCast, and type in the password for the IceCast source, and click ok, then start the encoder.

Your done, look up Sam Broadcaster website on help on how to actually add music and streaming.
The link to your IceCast server will be something like: http://ip_address:8000/live Protection Status © 2020 Inbound Dreams, All rights reserved.